Connecting the traditional Chinese water ink painting and the Western contemporary art

Misters. Su (Messrs. Su) are contemporary artists who redefine the boundary of Chinese water ink paintings by combining various painting techniques (brushing, collage, dripping, drawing, freehand style, rubbing, spraying, wrinkling, photography, digital modification and printing, etc.) and color saturations to explore various themes, such as psychedelic art, the Universe, Chinese characters, Chinese philosophy (Zen, Tai chi), architectures, and fertility.  Therefore, color saturation and unique patterns in their paintings bring strong contemporary visual impacts to audiences, while their freehand layouts still preserve the traditional Chinese style in their works, offering the audiences a chance to digest the dialogues between the traditional Chinese water ink and the Western contemporary art.  They had exhibitions in U.S., China and Taiwan, and their works have been collected by museums, galleries, and collectors internationally as shown below. 

Messrs.Su's Collector List

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