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   Mr. Hsuan-Te Su was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Similar to Paul Gaugin, Mr. Hsuan-Te Su starts his art career in his middle age, motivated by his passion in contemporary Chinese water ink paintings and his beloved wife, while he was a design manager in an international suitcase company in Taipei.  Dr. Pin-Chih Su, the son of Mr. Hsuan-Te Su, later on joins the adventure in his 20s, where he actively provides his photography and Photoshop skills to enrich Messrs. Su's works.  In 2015, Dr. Pin-Chih Su earned his Ph.D. degree in pharmacognosy (data mining and cheminformatics focuses) from the University of Illinois, the top 10 College of Pharmacy in the United States.  In 2016, Mr. Hsuan-Te Su earned his Master of Fine Arts from National Taiwan Normal University, the best fine art program in Taiwan.  


   Messrs. Su eagerly seek innovative ways to re-define the boundary of Chinese water ink paintings by combining various painting techniques (brushing, collage, dripping, drawing, freehand style, rubbing, spraying, wrinkling, photography, digital modification and printing, etc.) and color saturations to explore various themes such as psychedelic art, the Universe, Chinese characters, Chinese philosophy (Zen, Tai chi), architectures, and fertility.  Therefore, color saturation and unique patterns in their paintings bring strong contemporary visual impacts to audiences, while their freehand layouts still preserve the traditional Chinese style in their works, offering the audiences a chance to digest the dialogues between the traditional Chinese water ink and the Western contemporary art.

Hsuan-Te Su

Hsuan-Te Su

Pin-Chih Su's photography field trip in Death Valley National Park, NV, USA, 2019

Messrs. Su's field trip in Taiwan

Messrs. Su's photography field trip in Miaoli, Taiwan, 2017

Pin-Chih as a voluntary teacher

Pin-Chih as a voluntary teacher in Tibetan plateau, China, 2007

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